What Do You Really Learn in Dental School?

Dental school may sound like an easier feat than medical school, but it's actually a very competitive and challenging field. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, on average 5% of dental school applicants who sought admission to the 66accredited dental schools in the U.S. enroll in one each year.

Just like traditional doctors, dental school applicants have to take an entrance exam, as well as undergraduate degrees with concentrations in anatomy and physiology, microbiology, biochemistry and English composition.General dentistry is a common field and there are 10 recognized dental specialties in the U.S., including dental anesthesia, oral and maxillofacial surgery, endodontics, and periodontics. Many states require general practice dentistry residencies as is the case with medical doctors.

Dental school is a four-year program and, while the specifics can vary from school to school, generally carry the same structure as approved by the ADEA (American Dental Education Association). The first two years are largely comprised of studying basic biological sciences, as well as learning the structure and function of the body and diseases. During this phase of dental school, hands-on work is done using models of the teeth and mouth.

In the final two years of dental school, the learning becomes more practical with clinical work on real patients. Dental school students often rotate between pediatric, geriatric, disabled, and chronically ill patients to ensure they have a thorough understanding of the field and can appropriately care for a varied population.

Upon graduation, dental school students become either a TheD.D.S. (Doctor of Dental Surgery) or D.M.D. (Doctor of Dental Medicine)depending on the school they attended. The degrees mean the same thing and come with the same education from an accredited dental school.

Dental school is a rigorous course of education and those who complete it have expert knowledge of oral health, dental hygiene, the effects of oral health on the body, how to use technology for reparative care, and much more.

The dentists at Gentry Dentistry of Suwanee both graduated from dental school at the University of Tennessee. They have extensive experience in preventative and restorative care. Most importantly, they have a caring attitude with patients of all ages and are proud to help members of their community maintain proper dental health.

If you are interested in an appointment with one our dentists, book now through our online contact form or call our patient service desk at 770-945-5850. We look forward to being part of your dental care journey.

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