The Tooth Fairy’s Hometown Helpers

Fostering a Positive Relationship Between Your Child and Their Dentist

Ever wonder why children can’t WAIT to have the tooth fairy pay them a visit, but they’re not as excited to pay a visit to the dentist? Because dental health is an important lifetime pursuit, there’s a lot you can do as a parent to foster positive associations in your child with their dentist.  

While we at Gentry Dentistry of Suwanee do our part to make our pint-sized patients feel comfortable and welcome during their time with us, you can reinforce the positivity of those experiences in several ways, too.  

  1. Schedule a Happy Visit: Starting as young as three, you can schedule your little one for a happy visit to our office. While they’re here, we’ll introduce them to our staff and take them on a tour, so they’ll view us through an optimistic lens as the Tooth Fairy’s hometown helpers. We won’t conduct any exams, x-rays or cleanings during this visit, we’ll just make them feel relaxed, safe and – hopefully – happy.
  1. Consider Pediatric Sealants: Perhaps the best preventative measure you can take on your child’s behalf, pediatric sealants protect their little mouths from bacteria and decay – which, if left unchecked – may lead to procedures that might make your child uncomfortable or cause them unnecessary stress or pain.
  1. Talk to Your Kids About Oral Hygiene and Find Ways to Make It Fun: During every visit to Gentry Dentistry of Suwanee, you can rest assured that our team will discuss proper brushing and flossing techniques with your little one. However, since they only see us twice a year, it’s always wise to reinforce that education at home. Talk to them about WHY they need to brush and floss their teeth. Let them pick out their toothbrush at the store – and consider investing in a musical electric toothbrush that encourages them to brush the length of the song. Reward them for cavity-free visits to the dentist – letting them know that by brushing their teeth daily, they are protecting their teeth from cavities and to keep up the great work.  
  1. Create a Positive Atmosphere Before Each Visit to the Dentist: Because many of the members of our staff our parents, we are all too familiar with the mad dash out the door to make it to an appointment on time. Unfortunately, that mad dash may put undue stress on a child. Instead, try to be intentional about the atmosphere you create in the time leading up to their appointment. Use an encouraging tone when speaking about the visit, remind them how much they like the staff at Gentry Dentistry and make sure they know that they’ll have a chance to pick out a prize at the end of their appointment.
  1. Visit the Library or Invest in a Special Book: There are several books that go a long way to shine a positive light on a visit to the dentist. Read the “tooth-related” book of your choice (or theirs) to them in the days/nights leading up to their visit with us so they know what to expect and might even be excited about it!

To schedule your child’s first “Happy Visit” with us or to ask any questions of our team, please don’t hesitate to call us at 770-945-5850 or email us at We are proud to offer Preventative, Cosmetic and Restorative Care services to every member of the family, so to learn more about us and our capabilities, we invite you to visit our website.

Leave your worries at the door and enjoy a healthier smile


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